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  • How to choose the best barbecue to fit your needs.
  • Information on what's best charcoal or gas.
  • BBQ Recipes - loads of them and all for free.
  • What are the best barbecue accessories?
  • Barbecue hints and tips.
  • A free newsletter.

It doesn't matter if you're a complete novice or an experienced grill master, you're going to find lots of interesting things in The Barbecuehut.

Feel free to ask any barbeque related question, or if you've some great tips or recipes, send them in to share with other BBQ enthusiasts.

There are two broad sections to The Barbecuehut.

Equipment: Here you'll be given help about choosing BBQ equipment such as grills and smokers.

Recipes: Neatly indexed so that you can choose a recipe for whatever type of food you're thinking of cooking. Or just browse through and pick out some recipes to try.

With over 25 years experience I created The Barbecue Hut to help you to get the very best from your barbecuing experiences. The information in the ‘hut’ is there to help you make informed decisions when choosing barbecue equipment.

You’ll save money because you’ll know what’s available. How many times have you bought an item to find that within a short period you’re upgrading. Wishing that you’d known what was available before your made your initial purchaseWhat Information Can You Find In The Barbecue Hut.

Here’s some of the information that you’ll find in the ‘hut’. Barbecue Grillsare covered in depth. From the basic use once and throw away grill, to the outdoor kitchens known as barbecue islands.

Barbecue Smokers are the next step up from a barbecue grill. Used extensively in the USA, these items are gaining popularity throughout the rest of the barbecuing world. If you’ve never had barbecue smoked food, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Barbecue Accessories. We’ve all done it. We’ve bought the latest barbecue gadgets, or been given them as presents, only to use once or twice and then discard to the back of a cupboard. This section of the ‘hut’ tells you what accessories are essential and what’s not.

Barbecue Recipes, all for free , for you to use. I’m constantly adding to these pages so please keep coming back. These are recipes that I use myself. Some I’ve made up completely myself, some have been given by friends and some are adaptations from books and magazines.

Barbecue Recipes, all for free , for you to use. I’m constantly adding to these pages so please keep coming back. These are recipes that I use myself. Some I’ve made up completely myself, some have been given by friends and some are adaptations from books and magazines.

The Chargrill Chat newsletter. This is a free newsletter sent only to subscribers. It’s free of charge, and sent out about once every month. I’m constantly adding new information and barbecue recipes to the ‘hut’. This is your best way of finding out what’s new.

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When comparing barbecue grills, there's more to consider than charcoal or gas!
Barbecue grills discussed and compared to help you choose the ideal BBQ grill for your own needs.
Barbecue smokers, what are they and how do BBQ smokers work?
What are barbecue smokers and how do BBQ smoker grills work?
Charcoal Smokers Explained
Find out how charcoal smokers work and how to use them to make great BBQ food.
Use An Electric Smoker For No Fuss Smoking
What is an electric smoker? How does it work and what are the choices?
Gas Smokers - Natural or Propane Gas - Discussed.
Gas smokers, the clean and easy alternative to charcoal.
Horizontal Smokers, What Are They And How Do They Work
Horizontal Smokers Can Range In Price From $100 Up To $10s Of Thousands.
Vertical Smokers, What They Are And How They Work
You want to start smoking your BBQ food but aren't sure how? Vertical smokers could be the answer.
Barbecue Restaurants
Where are the best barbecue restaurants? What's your favorite?
Easy Barbecue Recipes For Salmon, Chicken, Beef, Pork, and Lots More
Easy barbecue recipes to breath some fire into your barbecue food.
The Best BBQ Recipes Top Secret
The best BBQ recipes involve more than ingredients, heat and time, you need to delvelop a system
A Review Of Barbecue Recipe Books
An Independent Review Of Barbecue Recipe Books. Both In Paper And Ebook Format
Sticky Chicken Wings Made On Your BBQ
Always a favorite, try this recipe for BBQ sticky chicken wings.
Barbecue Beef Recipes
BBQ Beef doesn't mean just burgers or brisket, there are loads of barbecue beef receipes that you can try out.
Barbecue Chicken Recipes
Start here to find lots of barbecue chicken recipes including the always favorite wings and beer can chicken
Barbecue Lamb Recipes
Don't be sheepish about it, now's the time to try out some barbecue lamb recipes as an laternative to chicken and pork
Barbecue Pork Recipes - Pig At It's Best
Barbecue Pork Recipes, Cuts Of Pork And Cooking Times
Barbecue Rib Recipes, Delicious Meat On the Bone
There are hundreds of barbecue rib recipes, here are a collection of recipes for either grilling or smoking ribs on your barbecue.
How To Barbecue Salmon The Easy Way
Find out how to barbecue salmon fillets, steak, whole salmon, or kebabs. Easy to follow step-by-step recipes.
Barbecue Fruit
Barbecue fruit is a delicous way to end a barbecue feast. Always a favourite with children and easy to prepare.
Barbecue Sauce Recipe
The Best Barbecue Sauce Recipe Is Homemade Barbecue Sauce
Barbecue Shrimp Recipes
Barbecue shrimp recipes for kebabs, or put more plainly how to cook shrimp on a stick.
Charred Couscous Pepper Cups
Charred couscous pepper cups - the ideal accompaniment to barbecue lamb.
Fruity Courgette Salad
A fruity courgette salad, combining vegetables, fruits and nuts.
Thai Coconut Rice, basmati Steamed With Coconut and Spices
This is the finest rice to serve with Asian food, Thai Coconut rice
Thai sesame noodles to serve hot as an Accompaniment
Plain Egg Noodles Tossed in a Asian Dressing to Create Thai Sesame Noodles
Lynx Barbecue Grills The Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen
Combining functionality and style Lynx barbecue grills let you build your own luxury island
Traeger Wood Pellet Grills
Traeger Grills - “When it comes to great barbecue, nothing beats a Traeger!”
Weber barbecues and smokers, accessories and books
The Weber barbecue is very extensive, how do you choose which to buy?
Barbecue Accessory And Grilling Tool Guide
Your guide to the best barbecue accessory and grilling tools available.
Use a Chicken Roaster For safer Beer Can Chicken
Using a vertical chicken roaster makes cooking beer can chicken easier and safer.
Chargrill Chat - the Barbecue Hut Newsletter
The Chargrill Chat. The free newsletter from The Barbecue Hut
About The Barbecue Hut
This Is Where To Find Out More About The Barbecue Hut And What You Can Discover When you Visit.
Build Your Own Website And A Business At The Same Time
I Give Away Free Recipes On My Own Website And Make Money From It!
The Traeger Lil Tex Elite Grill (BBQ07E)
The Traeger Lil Tex Elite, A Twist On Traeger's Most Popular Grill
The Traeger Professional Grill (BBQ124).
The Traeger Professional will elevate your backyard cooking to the next level.
Homemade BBQ Sauce
Try this recipe for a delicious and easy to make homemade BBQ sauce
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