30% Discount Off Grills, Smokers And Fryers

Welcome to this special issue of the Chargrill Chat.

This issue is going out to people 670 people world wide.

The first issue of the Chargrill Chat went out to just 5 people!

Today's issue:

This isn't a usual newsletter but I've just received an email from Amazon.com with some cracking offers on smokers, grills and fryers. It's advertised as 'Save up to 30%' but there are even greater discounts on some items.

They're selling items cheaper than you can get on Ebay.

Living in the UK this is no good to me but I took a look anyway and there are some real bargains to be had if your after some new barbecue items.

Some of the items that I noticed are:

The Weber 721001 Smokey Mountain Cooker 18.5-Inch Smoker.
This is probably the best value for money smoker available and you can buy it at a $81.63 discount.

Then there's it's bigger brother, the Weber 731001 Smokey Mountain Cooker 22.5-Inch Smoker with $100.00 knocked off the price.

If you're a beer can chicken fan but don't have a rack, save $3.59 and get a Bayou Classic 0880-PDQ Stainless-Steel Beercan ChickCAN Rack.

This is the type that I currently use and they are well worth the money. I'm down to my last three as family and friends keep taking them. They make handling a beer can chicken safer and easier.

Biggest saving that I've seen is a massive 46% on the Masterbuilt 20070106 30-Inch Electric Smokehouse Smoker, Black, that's nearly half price.

There are loads more items. I'm a bit jealous of not been able to take advantage.

Anyway, take a look yourself, here's a link to the 30% discount page.

Let me know if you grab a bargain.


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That's it for this special issue of the Chargrill Chat. The next, usual issue will be out soon.

If you have any requests, or a recipe, or tip to share that you think other readers might like, or even if you disagree with anything in this newsletter, please email me at chargrill@barbecuehut.com

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