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The Best BBQ Ribs Recipe That's Easy to Make
August 05, 2013

The Best BBQ Ribs Recipe, According to me

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The Best BBQ Ribs Recipe

I’ve no doubt that you’re in one of two camps, you’re either trying to perfect the best BBQ ribs recipe, or you think that you already have it.

If you’re in the group that thinks that they already have it and you meet someone else who thinks the same, you’re in a BBQ competition even if you don’t realise it.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of BBQ competition, seemingly me and my friend Chris have been in competition for years, or so our wives tell us.

How Not to BBQ Ribs

I recently overheard a couple of people talking about making barbecue ribs. I didn’t know them personally but I’ll call them Bob and John.

John was explaining how his pork ribs never really turned out as he wanted them, burnt, dry and tasteless; apart from the taste of burnt meat that is.

Don’t you buy them from, naming a large supermarket chain, covered in BBQ sauce Bob asked? You cook them on the barbecue for a few minutes each side, they’re really nice; you should try them.

They then discussed the pros and cons of boiling the ribs before putting them on the grill. However they considered that to be too much bother.

The one thing that I became aware of was the fact that they never considered anything but buying ribs from the supermarket and cooking them directly on the grill; no preparation, no marinating, no thought of making their own sauce or how to correctly cook them.

I was itching to interrupt them and offer my opinion, but I didn’t. Hey, listening to other peoples conversations is rude.

Anyway, what I thought was how I could make really tasty fall-off-the-bone ribs with the littlest of effort. Sort of like those TV programs where they make tasty meals from the minimum amount of ingredients and with the smallest amount of effort. Jamie Oliver like I suppose, but don’t tell him.

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Here it comes then – The Easiest BBQ Ribs Recipe (according to me).

My idea here was to but a rack of ribs and use whatever I had in the house at hand to make the best ribs that I could. One thing to mention first, you’ll need a kettle grill or similar with a lid.

The Day Before

So I bought a rack of pork ribs the day before I was going to cook them. I then made a simple rub; a couple of tablespoons each of paprika, brown sugar, coarse black pepper and sea salt, with a pinch of chilli powder. Mixed well together and rubbed into the ribs and then put in the fridge overnight.

On The Day

The next day I set-up the grill for indirect grilling and then grilled the ribs directly over the coals for about 5 to 10 minutes on each side.

While they were cooking a poured about 250ml of cider into an oven tray. You can use something non-alcoholic like orange juice or coke if you want. Put the ribs in the tray with the cider cover with double thickness kitchen foil and cook indirectly, with the lid on the grill for about an hour.

Check the ribs, you could probably eat them now but cook them for another hour or so, add more cider if necessary.

Take the ribs out of the tray and put on the grill, they should be fall-off-the-bone by now. Put the lid on the grill. Empty the liquid from the tray into a pan and add some ingredients to make a sauce. I used tomato ketchup, Worcestershire sauce and some butter to thicken up. Making the sauce should only take a few minutes.

Final step, it’s all worth it believe me. Put the ribs on a chopping board and cut into individual ribs, put into a serving tray and then pour over the sauce you’ve just made. Serve.

The Easiest Ribs Recipe

And that’s it, there are much more involved methods of making pork ribs but If you’ve never been happy with the ribs that you’ve made in the past then have a go, you’ll then be able to say that you have the best BBQ ribs recipe.

Once you’ve mastered the ribs you can move on to improving you other BBQ food. What I’ve found and written about before is adopting a process to your BBQ cooking, I’ve written about this in a bit more detail, see the best BBQ recipes the best BBQ recipes on the website.

That's it for this issue of the Chargrill Chat, I hope that you enjoyed it.

If you have any requests, or a recipe, or tip to share that you think other readers might like, or even if you disagree with anything in this newsletter, please email me at

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