First of all, best wishes for 2005. I hope that you had a good holiday and have a great new year.

If you already have a web site, please delete this. It's for people who don't have a site.

In December last year I sent you an e-mail with regards to a special deal that Ken Evoy is promoting with his Site Build It. The good news is that he’s extended the buy-one-get-one-free offer until midnight on January 5. I know that masses of people have taken up the offer.

If you don't have your own site yet, what's stopping you?

I bet it's all that technical stuff. The html. How to set up autoresponders. How to optimize for searchengines. All that technical stuff.

If you don't know this stuff, trying to learn it all - on top of the much more important task of creating your web site, makes it very difficult.

The fact is that setting up a web site about your favourite hobby or interest is very enjoyable and can provide a stream of income.

In over two years that I spent looking for a way of getting a web site up and running , without having any knowledge at all of how to do so, I cam across many "web site building systems". I didn't choose to use any of them because they are usually missing some important parts of the equation. And it does you no good to have 78% of a web site done if you are missing features you need to run a business.

The one good system I found, and use, is Ken Evoy's Site Build It!

Not only did I like it but many web marketers also recommend it.

It has every important piece you need in one place. He takes all the "techie" stuff out of your hands and makes it easy to put up a good web site that is Search Engine Optimized. Not only that he shows you exactly how to write your site, and how to make money from it. I’m just a beginner but in my first year I more than paid for the price of Site Build It!

Ken originally ran the ‘get two sites for the price of one’ offer up until 25 December last year. I’ve just found out that, because of huge demand, he’s extended the offer.

++++ But it expires on midnight, January 5. ++++

That's a great deal, and you will certainly be able to use another site in the next 12 months. Or you can give it away to a friend!

Here's the link for more info:

Site Build It
Or copy and paste:

Site Build It is engineered to work as a complete system. All you need to do is use a word processor to write your web site content. And Ken even guides you through this process with a complementary manual that comes free with the package.

But Ken's offer expires on 1/5/2005, so if this is your year to get a web site up, I urge you to take a look:

Site Build It
Or copy and paste:

Best Regards,


P.S. You can try it risk-free to make sure you really like it and that it works for you.

Site Build It
Or copy and paste:


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