How to Use a BBQ Fork - Not Just For Stabbing Food

A BBQ fork sooner or later is going to be on your shopping list. Once you’ve burnt your fingers a few times using a standard fork or even a carving fork you’ll come realise that there must be a better way to turn over the food that’s cooking on your grill.

If you know what you want and just want to get your item, go here for some ideas for buying a BBQ fork.

A Barbecue Fork Not A Spear

Having mentioned turning over food I’m going to contradict myself with regards to turning food on the grill, don’t use your barbecue fork unless you have nothing else. There are a number of reasons why:

Stabbing the likes of burgers and fish with a BBQ fork tends to break them apart and you end up with little pieces on the grill, that is, unless they slip between the grill bars and end up on the charcoal. A much better option for fish is to use a BBQ fish basket, saying that you can even use it for your burgers.

If you use your fork to turn over pieces of meat you pierce the flesh which results in two things; the juice from the meat escapes which will tend to make the meat dryer, and the juice drips onto the charcoal, or gas flames and causes a flare-up.

More Uses For A Barbeque Fork

Taking all things into consideration a good long handled BBQ fork is an essential piece of kit if used correctly and this is how I use mine.

How many times have you used a long handled BBQ spatula to flip over a burger and it ends up going through the grill bars? So what I do is use the spatula to lift the burger from the grill pinning it in place by gently pressing on top of the burger with the long handled fork. I can then easily turn the burger over. I use the same technique for turning over fish.

Using it to test that meat is cooked through by piercing it with your fork when you think that it’s done, and then press on the meat with the flat of the fork to gently squeeze it. If the juices run clear, then the meat is cooked.

For fish, use the tip of the fork to slightly push a flake of fish at its thickest part to see if it’s cooked through.

Use it with a spatula to turn and move food on your grill.

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