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About the barbecue hut! Thanks for visiting. My Name's Les Brand and although I'm the author of this site, it's been built with the help of many people, friends and family. We began taking our barbecues seriously more than 20 years ago. Taking turns at hosting "the barbecue" we began introducing new recipes and flavours. Some recipes were instant successes, whilst others were dismal failures. But the fun's in trying new things! The best recipes were written down for others to use. Becoming known for our barbecues, other friends began asking about our recipes and BBQ tips. This gave us the idea for creating The Barbecue Hut website. Now people want to know just as much about the Barbecue Hut website as our recipes.

The BarbecueHut Website

None of us had any experience building a website so we began looking for help. A number of cheap options were available but it was obvious that to have control over what was displayed on the site we'd need to pay for hosting. We then found Site Sell. This product would enable us to generate an income, so that the site would pay for itself, and have the total control with our site content that we wanted. The Site Sell concept is really quite simple:
1. Provide good content - information that visitors to your site will find really useful.

2. Provide good quality links to other sites that provide high quality services that your visitors need.

We really can't thank the people at Site Sell enough. They've provided all the tools we need, and more, to enable us to build The Barbecue site in such a manner that supports it itself. We love building The Barbecue Hut website. We started with no experiance and Site Sell has helped us right from the start. We're getting better all the time and, we hope, we're creating and updating the sight to make it better for our visitors as we learn. We really do recommend Site Sell. Find out more about how it all began...

Making Money From Your Hobby and Knowledge

A number of the links that we provide to other sites have affiliate programs. When our visitors click through and purchase from these sites, a percentage of the sales value is paid, by the affiliate site, to the Barbecue Hut. Our main aim is to generate enough in affiliate sales to pay the costs of running this site. Many other sites are making $10,000's per month from affiliate sales. The most important thing to remember when building an affiliate site is to provide high quality content for your visitors. The best way to do this to build a site based on something that you like or have a real interest in. We chose to use Solo Build It, as it provided everything, more in fact, that we needed to build an affiliate website. If you're at all interested in building an affiliate website, we thoroughly recommend that you take a look at Solo Build It. We love building this website and are constantly improving and adding to it. The great thing about the Barbecue Hut is that as we improve it and the number of visitors increase, the more it's becoming like a real business. What's better than building a business about something that you love!!!

Here's the place where to find out more about The Barbecue Hut and how to build a website of your own using the same sotware as used in making The Barbecue Hut.

If you've any comments, questions or even recipes that you'd like us to try, or you'd like to find out more about the Barbecue Hut please send an e-mail by using one of the links below. We'd love to hear from you.

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