Discover the wonderful tastes of barbecue fruit.

Barbecue fruit!!! Although deserts aren't often considered a prioity, or even a necessity at a barbecue, fruits are often a good choice because they're fun to cook and, usually, totally unexpected. Children love barbecued fruit, especially with ice cream, and adults who've never tried it will be more than impresed.

Many grilled fruit recipes can be prepared well in advance and once the main cooking is done, they can be left to slowly cook. Almost any fruit can be grilled; firm fleshed fruits, can be skewered and served in the form of kebabs, softer fruits can be loosely wrapped in tin foil and cooked as little citrous parcels, thick skinned fruit such as bananas can be cooked directly on the grill in their own protective skin!

Barbecue Fruit Recipes
Barbecued Apples

Thai Style Barbecue Bananas

Barbecued Fruit Kebabs

Benefits Of Barbecue Fruit

Fruit has many health benefits, not just confined to barbecued fruit. Most experts agree that everyone should aim to eat a minimum of 5 portions of fruit and vegtables per day. That is in the region of 14 ounces (14g), minimum, of the edible parts. Fruits provide many vitamins such as vitamin C and beta-carotene and minerals such as potassium, magnesium, zinc, copper and selenium, as well as many different types of fibres. Tests have shown that people that eat a lot of fruit and vegtables are at less risk of heart disease, cancer, premature ageing, cataracts and stroke.

A small amount of barbecued fruit isn't going to significantly improve your health! However, instead of constraining yourself to just meat at your barbecue you should try to include some vegtables as well as rice and pasta. Including a small selection of barbecue fruit at the end of your barbecue will help your guests digest all of the other good food that you've provided as well as displaying your dexterity at cooking all sorts of food on your barbecue!

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