What BBQ Fork Do You Need?

A long handled BBQ fork is probably one of the first barbecue accessories that anyone buys. But there are many options that you can pick from:

  • Basic Barbecue fork
  • Electronic barbecue fork
  • Telescopic fork
  • BBQ tool sets
  • Something different

Here you’ll find a selection of the many forks available, but if you need more detailed information read how to choose a BBQ fork.

The Basic Barbecue Fork

The basic barbecue fork is a two or three pronged item that has an insulated handle made from plastic, silicone or wood, or possibly uses another method for dissipating the heat. My recommendation is that you buy a fork that is made from heavy gauge stainless steel with a good proportion of insulation. You don’t want burnt fingers or for your fork to bend in use, why waste your money on a poor quality item?

Electronic Barbecue Fork

Sometimes called a barbecue fork thermometer, this is a step up from the basic fork and includes a digital thermometer, some also have a buzzer. I do like these as you effectively get two tools in one. You’re going to pay more though if you consider the price of an electronic fork with a similar basic model.           

The benefits of electronic forks can make them a good option if you also want a digital meat thermometer or you want an alternative, possibly better option to your stand-alone meat thermometer. A digital barbecue fork combines them both in one tool.

Telescopic Fork

There are a few telescopic options available where the fork can be extended by pulling the fork to make it longer and then they can be collapsed again after use. These are generally not as robust as a standard barbeque fork and they should only be used for working with light pieces of food. For this reason you’ll probably see them as hot dog or marshmallow forks. They are useful where space is limited such as when going camping.

BBQ Tool Sets

We’re now looking at more cost, but a barbecue tool set might be a cheaper option if you’re looking for more than one barbecue tool as you generally get the set cheaper than you would if you bought the items in the set individually. So if you are looking for a barbecue spatula, brush, tongs, etc, a tool set could be the best option for you.

The choice is massive, from a couple of tools up to a complete barbecue tool chest; well at least a case of barbecue tools.

Barbecue tool sets can make great gifts for the keen barbecue enthusiast.

Something Different?

Some BBQ forks need to be placed in their own category. If you are into smoking or cooking large pieces of meat, why wouldn’t you want some bear paws? Or if you like a bit of theatre while you’re grilling put a mask on, imagine that you’re Zorro and get creative with your barbecue sword.

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