Find Out The Secret To The Best BBQ Recipes

If I asked you to name your best BBQ recipes what would you say?

Or to put another way, what are the BBQ recipes that wish you knew that would make whoever you served your food to keep coming back for more, and ask you for the recipe themselves?

Over the many years that I’ve been barbecuing I’ve found that out of all the recipes that I’ve tried the most favourite that I like to make, and my guests like to eat, are what I’d call real barbecue food, the type that’s made at barbecue competitions. Is it any wonder? Barbecue champions, from their years of experience know what is liked best and is going to win at competitions.

barbecue recipes

I mentioned ‘real barbecue food’ by which I mean BBQ chicken, pork, ribs, brisket, sauce, etc. I’ve served up all sorts of barbecue food to my guests and mostly it’s well appreciated, but I’m always asked if I’ve any BBQ ribs, or beer can chicken, or if I’ve made some of my barbecue sauce.

The recipes that I use, particularly for BBQ ribs, have taken me years to develop and get to the point where I’m really happy with the process that I go through to get the ribs looking and tasting how I really want them to. But this is the great problem for people looking for the best BBQ recipes, probably like you, they don’t want to spend years trying and testing and learning but want instant success.

Of course there are shortcuts, you can learn from other people who have gone through the same process, why start at the beginning when you can learn from people that have already made the mistakes and can tell you how to avoid them. You can get really good information from books, CD’s and websites like this one.

I do have one major concern with most sources of information though, in that you’re given recipes but when you try them they don’t come out as you thought that they wood. In many cases this is because many recipes follow the process of; use this, do this to it, and cook it for this amount of time. To get the best barbecue food you need to develop yourself a process that includes many different elements.

The Best BBQ Recipes Process

All of these points are covered elsewhere on this website so this is just a brief summary. To get you BBQ recipes from good to best, you always need to follow a process otherwise it becomes a little haphazard.

Plan ahead – think of everything that you need and get it all, and prepare it before you start cooking. This includes things like equipment and fuel, not just the food.

Write down a t do list with times – work backwards from when you want to serve your food and work out when to light the barbecue, when to put food on the barbecue, when you’re likely to need to put on more coals or wood.

Get help – it’s unlikely that you can cook the food and do all of the other tasks as well.

Stick to you plan – of course nothing ever goes perfectly but if you can make adjustments to keep on track as you go along you’re going to finish with great food.

This is exactly the same process as I’ll go through to make my fall of the bone ribs, which is probably the most complex recipe that I use but the process makes it real easy.

I’ve bought loads for books, both in digital and paper form, and can’t think of many that teach you a process as well as provide outstanding recipes. As I stated earlier most concentrate on the recipes and leave it up to you to get the technique right. That said there is one guy who has put together a comprehensive resource that will quickly get even a beginner up to the being a master of the best BBQ recipes in a very short time.

I mentioned earlier that everyone’s favourite recipes appear to be those that tend to be the ones favoured at barbecue championships. I suppose it’s only right that the author of this resource has won over 70 barbecue competitions and the reason that first grabbed my attention was the fact that he puts it all down to adopting a system.

Now he’s put the resource together to help people win barbecue competitions but I think that he’s missing a point. Everyone who cooks BBQ food enters a competition every time they serve the food, and that might be just a personal battle or a friendly competition with friends and family.

I’ve been trying out lots of the things that he’s suggested an in my opinion, with years of BBQ experience, this is the best resource that I’ve found. I’ve put a link below if you’d like to check it out.

the best BBQ recipes system Anyway, you don’t have to take my word for it, take a look yourself the best BBQ recipes system.

barbecue recipes
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