Choosing a BBQ Fork

When choosing a BBQ fork there are many choices but the two main options are whether you want to buy your fork as an individual item or as part of a BBQ tool set. A set is more expensive but on the whole it might be a cheaper option than buying all the items included in the kit separately.

No matter if you purchase as part of a set or as an individual item, I suggest that you buy the best that you can afford or want to pay.

My suggestion is to buy a quality model that is made from heavy gauge stainless steel, with a long handle that has a good insulated grip. There’s absolutely no reason why a carefully picked barbecue fork won’t last you for many years if you look after it.

What Types of BBQ Fork Are Available?

There are so many models available now that choosing a BBQ fork can be difficult. You have your basic long handled fork, telescopic forks, electronic forks, as well as forks that can be bought as part of a set.

On a like-for-like basis a basic quality long handled fork is going to be the cheapest option as a one off cost.

A telescopic fork is very useful if you’re short on space or you want a compact model for when you go camping. They tend not to be as strong as a rigid fork and for this reason they’re often sold as marshmallow forks.

Choosing an Electronic BBQ Fork

Electronic forks are generally a more expensive option than a basic fork but they do have a built-in thermometer which means that you can test the inside temperature of your food to determine if it has been safely cooked through or not.

I like this concept as many food thermometers have a relatively short probe so you need to put your hand over the hot grill, or you need to remove the food to test it and then put it back on the grill if it’s not cooked. But the downside is that you need to ensure that you have one or more batteries on hand to make it work.

Choosing an BBQ fork with a built in thermometer itself can be difficult as you can buy a basic digital model or one that you can program and buzzes.

BBQ Foks as Part of a Tool Set

Buying a fork as part of a barbecue set can work out cheaper in the long term when you consider all of the individual items that you get in the set. But…. before you buy, consider what items in the set you’re likely to use, or items that you already have and so don’t another.

Barbecue tool sets comprise of two or more individual items with the basic two pieces set comprising of a fork and a spatula (some two pieces sets comprise of a spatula and tongs). At the other end of the scale are the deluxe tool sets that come in their own case and have practically every BBQ tool that you’ll ever need.

So If I Was Choosing a BBQ Fork Which Type Would I Go For?

There are many different factors to consider but assuming that I’m on a budget I’d go for a plain, long handled, good quality item for a BBQ fork. If I had a bit more to spend I’d consider if I needed other tools as well. If that was the case I’d go for a good quality basic tool set. If all I wanted was a fork, I’d have an electronic model, good quality of course.

You might be reading this because you want to buy someone a gift. If you want to buy something special for someone I’d follow the guidelines above, if you want to spend more, go for a nice tool set but consider quality (again) more than the number of tools that you get in the set.

Choosing a BBQ fork can be more difficult than it first appears but quality always counts.

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