Direct Grilling On Your Barbecue

Direct grilling involves cooking with the food directly above the heat source. This is probably the most common method of barbecuing and is usually carried out on a flatbed grill with the lid open, if it has one.

When using charcoal, to determine if the coals are hot enough for direct grilling. Hold your hand at grill height and if you can keep it there for a count of three then you’re ready to cook. If you can’t, wait until the heat dies down a little. If you can keep your hand there for longer than a count of three, then move the grill down a level and try again.

At it’s hottest, the heat will sear the surface of the food and cook it quickly. So cook thin cuts of meat like sausages, kebabs and burgers. Or vegetables such as peppers and mushrooms. As the heat dies down move the grill to a lower level. Or leave the grill at that level and cook food that needs a lower heat and longer cooking time, like thick chops and steaks.

Cooking meat close over a direct heat can lead to flare-ups so it’s advisable to set your grill up using The Rule of Thirds This method allows greater control while you cooking and prevents flare-ups burning your food.

The alternative to

direct grilling is indirect grilling.

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