Take Your Time When Comparing Gas Grills. Choosing The Wrong One Can Be Expensive

Gas grills provide the convenience of instant barbecuing, without the need for much preparation of the grill and very little cleaning up after the cooking's finished. The downside is that gas grills are generally more costly than charcoal grills. Before rushing out to the nearest barbecue store though, spend some time choosing a gas barbecue grill that suits your barbecuing needs. Things to consider when comparing gas barbecue grills are:

  • what type of gas are you going to use? Natural gas or propane?
  • what size grill do you want? A small portable gas grill or a barbecue island?
  • do you want a movable gas BBQ grill or do you want a permanent brick barbecue grill?
  • what gas grill rating (BTU rating) do you want, or need?
  • what features do you want or need?
  • what features are most useful?

These are just the basic points that you need to consider and the paragraphs below will help you when you're comparing gas barbecue grills. Ten minutes spent reading now could save you $100's in barbecue equipment and disappointment.

Propane Or Natural Gas Grills
By far the most popular types of gas-fuelled grills are those that use propane gas that is stored in bottles, as a source of fuel. Propane gas is readily available, comparatively inexpensive, and allows the barbecue grill to be easily transportable. A natural gas barbeque grill requires a natural gas line connection to your grill and this means that the gas connection will have to be carried out by a gas engineer. It's well worth obtaining an estimate for the cost of the connection prior to buying your grill. The great advantage that natural gas grills have over propane gas grills, is that you're never going to have to go to your barbecue store for bottles of propane. Or an even worse scenario is running out of propane in the middle of cooking! The downside of a natural gas barbecue grill is that it's not really going to be transportable. Many grills initially come with the option of fuelling them with either propane or natural gas. Once configured for propane though your gas grill will not generally be able to be fuelled by natural gas. Finally, the smaller grills are generally only available as propane gas units with natural gas not being an option.

What Types Of Gas Grill Are Available
Gas barbecue grills come in a range of varieties and sizes, and have a range of features very similar to those available as charcoal grills. Before going any further, consider what you want from your grill; who you'll be cooking for; the area that you're going to do your grilling in; etc. For general information on choosing a barbecue grill check out our barbecue grills page, where you'll find lots of relevant information. The only type of grill that's not available as a gas BBQ grill, but is as a charcoal grill, is the disposable type. When making a gas grill comparison many people, as well as taking into account features, size, range of accessories, etc. want to buy from a reliable manufacturer. In other words, on a like-for-like basis, who makes the best gas grill? Well, for many people, Weber grills are the number one choice. Closely followed by Brinkman grills and Coleman grills. There is however, numerous other manufacturers of grills, such as Arctic, Ducane, DCS, Lynx, Broil Master, etc. that you might want to consider. Click here to compare gas grills from the BBQGuys

. This is a barbecue store that we've found that carries a wide range of barbecue items, and provides an excellent service.

Freestanding Open-Top Barbecues
Freestanding, open-top gas BBQ grills are simply open hearths on legs, some with wheels. They range in size from those only large enough for a couple of steaks, up in size to those with a considerable grilling area. Depending on their size, these barbecue grills can have features such as rotisseries, warming areas and storage areas. A disadvantage is that once assembled, they need somewhere for storage. Covers are available but aren't really suitable for long-term storage. In real barbecuing terms you can't barbecue your food with an open-top barbecue, you can only grill your food. To barbecue grill your food you need to cook with both direct and indirect heat and this can only be achieved using a barbecue that has a hood.

Kettle Barbecues
Kettle grills are effectively large metal balls on legs, they're relatively small and can be portable. They can be freestanding but are also available mounted on trolleys and with a range of features such as rotisseries, built-in thermometers etc. Not only can they be used for conventional direct grilling but also with the lid closed, forming the barbecue into a ball, they can cook indirectly; and this is true barbecuing! With the lid closed, the heat is reflected around the inside of the grill, reducing the cooking time, sealing in the flavours and enhancing the smoky barbecue flavour. This method of cooking removes the oxygen from the cooking surface and so preventing flare-ups that are caused when the fatty juices from foods drip. Good quality gas grills range in price from around $200 from Arctic, up to Weber grills that sell for up to $1000. Weber supply a range of accessories, such as rotisseries and tool racks, that can be attached to their kettle grills. Check out kettle grills from the BBQGuys


Hooded Barbecues
Hooded gas grills are generally large, rectangular barbecues with hinged lids. They work in the similar manner as kettle grills in that the grilling area can be completely enclosed by using the hood. They are usually much larger than kettle grills and come with many more features as standard. Even the most basic hooded barbecues are made from stainless steel, have a number of main burners, warming areas, preparation areas, movable grates and side burners. If you're willing to pay extra for those most have essentials you can get models if a rotisserie and spit, infra red top and bottom burners and a whole host of other accessories. Hooded gas barbecue grills range in price from about $170 for a Broil King gas grill, up to top of the range Vielux gas grills that retail at around $6000 for the serious barbecue chef! Gas grills from the whole price range are available at discount prices from the BBQGuys


Permanent Brick Barbecues
Brick built gas grills are permanent and always available and so are ideal for those who barbecue frequently. The most basic type are available from DIY stores and comprise of a grill plate, a grate, bricks and a plan to put it all together. This type of brick barbecue is really just an outdoor grill and is the least costly and offers little in the way of accessories or features. If it's just an outdoor grill that you're after you can always design it yourself to suit whatever cooking area you have and what size grill you require. The mid-range type are really hooded barbecues that are 'dropped' into in a brick surround. Prices range from around $900 for a Ducane gas grill up to around $7000 for the Texas Pit Master Grill range. ! Some suburb permanent 'drop in' barbecues are available from the BBQGuys

. Another option is to get your built in brick gas barbecue designed and installed by professionals.

BTU Rating
When choosing a gas grill, you'll no doubt be advised of the British Thermal Unit (BTU) rating. This method of gas grill rating is a measurement of the heat that is produced by the burners. Technically it's the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. The higher the BTU the higher the heat output! True, but not the complete picture. When comparing gas grills by BTU, also take into account the surface area of the grill, as well as whether the grill has a hood or cover. The larger the surface area of the grill the higher the BTU will need to be proportionally. However, when comparing grills of the same surface area, a gas grill that has a smaller BTU but can be covered, will probably provide more heat than the uncovered one.

Features And Gas Grill Accessory Products
Gas grills can provide all of the features that you will need: rotisseries, side burners, separately controllable burners, multi-level cooking, storage areas etc. As with all barbecue grills, the larger the grill, the more features will be available, but at an additional cost. As always, decide on the price that you're willing to pay, the most desirable features that you're likely to use, and choose from what's available within these parameters.

Most of the major gas grills manufacturers such as DCS, Ducane, Weber and many more, produce a range of accessories, some dedicated to a specific range of grills. These include rotisseries, flavorizer bars, cooking grids, grill covers, griddle pans, smoker attachments, side burners, etc, etc, etc! In addition, there are many independent manufacturers that produce a whole range of accessories. Prices range from a few dollars up to $100's. Unfortunately, barbecue lovers like us just can't resist buying accessories for our barbecue grills. Take a look at the thousands of barbecue grill accessories available from the BBQGuys


Barbecue Stores

We've uncovered a number of barbecue stores online that provide a top class service at excellent prices. Take a look in the Barbecue Store for all manner of barbecue items as well as barbecue gas grills..

Discount Gas Grill

For a huge range of cheap gas grills and accessories, take a look at Ebay. Most people don't know that a high proportion of the items sold on Ebay are brand new and unused. Many barbecue stores sell their barbecue goods on Ebay at a discount price. If you want to know more about how easy it is to buy on Ebay, take a look in the barbecue store..

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