Gas Smokers
Clean and Easy Smoking

Gas smokers are as easy to use as electric smokers but have the advantage that you can take a propane gas smoker anywhere as the fuel is so readily available.

They generally come in two types, either natural gas or propanes.

Most enthusiasts use a propane smoker. Propane having the obvious advantage that it is easy to purchase and easy to carry. This type of smoker then is very portable and ideal to take on vacation or to remote places.

Some smokers work in exactly the same way except that they use natural gas. A good option to use at home, but not portable.

An option is to use a smoker that can use either propane or natural gas.

Similar to electric, when barbecue smoking with gas you have complete control over the temperature and cooking time with gas.

Switch it on to start cooking, adjust the temperature, and let it run until your food is smoked how you like it.

Gas creates a clean, flavorless heat, and like all barbecue smokers you need to add some wood to create the smoky flavor that your after. This can be in the form od wood pellets, chips or chunks.

Vintage Gas Grills 42 Inch Propane Grill On Cart With Smoker Burner And Rotisserie Burner

Vintage Gas Grills 42 Inch Propane Grill On Cart With Smoker Burner And Rotisserie Burner

Natural and propane smokers come in two main styles. Either the conventional barbecue grill type, or as a vertical smoker.

The conventional type of smoker looks like a hooded barbecue grill on legs. It will probably operate either as a grill or a smoker.

It's very likely to contain a smoker box, as well as a water pan.


Pros and Cons

The gas barbecue smoker allows great control over your cooking and is relatively easy to use. Propane has the advantage that it is easily transportable and the propane is easily available.

Smokers running on natural gas, similar to electric smokers, need a supply and are therefore effectively static.

The major disadvantage of a propane smoker is that you need to closely monitor the gas while your cooking. You don't want to run out of gas half way through smoking some brisket.

Of course you could always keep two cylinders of propane, ensuring that one is always full.

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