Horizontal Smokers - As Used For Real Barbecue

The type of horizontal smokers described here are the type that's known as a barbecue smoker, as manufactured by the likes of Brinkmann. BBQ smoking is a hot smoking process, it is not cold smoking.

Horizon Smokers 20 Inch Classic Smoker

The most common type of horizontal smoker looks like a tube on its side and stands on legs or wheels

There are two basic variations of this type of smoker. The type which has a plain basic shape, and the type that has an offset firebox.

Both types usually have a chimney of some sort.

The plain tube type holds everything in in one chamber; the charcoal, water pan, wood or wood pellets, grills, food etc.

The horizontal smoker with an offset firebox, as the name suggest, has a seperate chamber from the main chamber but is connected to it.

The charcoal and the wood or wood pellets, are locatedin the firebox, and by means of vents, the smoke is directed over and around the food in the main chamber.

Many smokers with an offset firebox can also be used as a grill.

Horizon Smokers 20 Inch Ranger Smoker

These types of smokers, have a massive variation in price, ranging from less than $100 and up to £10's of thousands.

No suprise then that these barbecue smokers are used by professionals and are commonly seen on the competition BBQ circuit.

The larger, more expensive of these are often termed barbecue pits, smoke pits and those that are towed behind a vehicle are called barbecue trailers.

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