How To Barbecue Salmon

Learn how to barbecue salmon, the king of fish. Possibly the most popular fish on the barbecue.

Salmon is the ideal fish for cooking on the barbecue as it's so versatile. You can barbecue salmon fillet, steak and whole fish. There are also recipes for salmon kebabs, and if you own a smoker you can make your own smoked salmon.

Salmon tends to flake easily when cooked so always ensure that you oil your grill well when cooking it. Alternatively you can use a hinged rack, or for some recipes you can wrap your fish up in aluminium foil, banana leaves, or similar. Wrapping the fish up also keeps the salmon moist as it cooks in its own juices.

The chart below gives an estimate for grilling salmon.

Grilling Times For Cooking Salmon On The Barbecue

Cut of Salmon Grilling Method Temperature Cooking Time
4 oz (100g) salmon fillets Direct heat High 3 minutes each side
8 oz (200g) salmon steaks Direct heat High 5 minutes each side
3 lb (1.5 kg) whole fish Direct heat High 7 minutes each side
3 lb (1.5 kg) whole fish Indirect heat Medium high 20 minutes each side
Salmon kebabs Direct heat High 5 minutes each side

The above timings should only be used as a guide as the actual timings are dependant on the thickness of the fish. Always refer to the recipes for more accurate timings.

How to barbecue salmon fillets and steak.

Oil your grill well, place the salmon on the grill. Cook the first side, turn over and cook the other side. Using a long handled spatula and tongs make turning easier. Or use a hinged rack. Don't forget to oil the rack before putting the salmon inside.

How to barbecue whole salmon direct method.

Exactly as for fillets and steaks.

How to barbecue whole salmon indirect method.

Set up your grill for indirect grilling. Otherwise cook as for direct grilling but at a lower heat and cook the salmon for longer.

Here's a selection of recipes showing how to barbecue salmon using different cuts of the fish.

  1. Salmon fillet with a butter sauce
  2. Barbecue salmon with mango salsa
  3. Barbecue Salmon Steak With Dill And thyme

  4. Seared Salmon with Almond and Herb Stuffing

  5. Whole Barbecue Salmon - Direct Method
  6. Whole Barbecue Salmon Using The Indirect Method
  7. Barbecue salmon kebabs

I usually like to serve barbecue salmon simply with a choice from potatoes, corn, salad or grilled vegetables.

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