Indirect Grilling.
Ideal For Big Food!

Indirect grilling is the method of cooking where the food is placed on the grill over an area of the grate that has no coals in it. You’ll need a grill with a hood to be able to cook using this method.

If you’ve ever tried to cook a large cut of meat or a whole chicken over direct heat, you’ll understand the problems. The outside of the meat cooks quickly while the inside remains uncooked. By the time it’s cooked through, you end up with the meat burnt and dried out on the outside.

You can use the indirect method with charcoal by pushing the hot coals, when ready to cook with, into mounds on either side of the grill. Leaving a channel in the centre, into which you place a drip pan. Place your food over the drip pan, not over the charcoal. You shut the lid of your grill and control the heat using the top and bottom vents.

With this method of cooking, the temperature is usually less than that used for direct grilling and so the meat takes longer to cook through. But it allows the food to be Leaving cooked through more evenly.

If you want to you can use woodchips on the charcoal to create a smoky flavour. Just place some pre-soaked wood chips or chunks on top of the charcoal.

Because the food takes longer to cook, you’ll need to add more charcoal. About 10 briquets to each side after an hour or so of cooking. This is the time to add more pre-soaked wood chips or chunks, if using.

Indirect grilling is just a smoky step away from smoking., sometimes called real barbecuing. Smoking always uses a lower heat than indirect grilling, the food is cooked much slower, a hood is always placed over the grill and wood chips are always used to create smoke.

The alternative to

indirect grilling is direct grilling.

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