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I've just recently came across Lynx barbecue grills. Like many barbecue enthusiasts I'm always looking for something better than the equipment that I already own.

My dream one day is to have my own outdoor kitchen so I was searching for 'barbecue islands' and came across Lynx, and I drooled. For anyone who's thinking of buying a barbecue island, or like me just looking with envy, here's a synopsis of the Lynx Proffessional Grill range.

They also make free standing grills by the way and I want one of them as well - the 54" one of course!

Lynx barbecue grills offer the offer the functionality and style of an indoor kitchen along ith the durability and performance necessary for outdoor grilling and entertaining.

Clearly aimed at the enthusiast who enjoys the outdoor entertainment lifestyle and has the cash to spend on it. All of the grills in the range are made from stainless steel and come in a number of options and can be either free standing or built-in.

Lynx don't have a massive array of barbecues with lots of different range names, there is only one product description - Lynx Professional Grills. The range comprises of five models:

27" Proffessional Grills
30" Proffessional Grills
36" Proffessional Grills
42" Proffessional Grills
54" Proffessional Grills


Each of these models come in 2 to 4 different options including built-in and free standing. There is also an array of accessories such as side burners, rotisseries, warming drawers, etc.

Lynx bbqs were developed by a group of poeple who had many years experience in the manufacturing of top-of-the-line stainless steel products for the commercial food industry. They decided to incorporate the same quality, workmanship, service, innovation, original ideas and best materials into the production of Lynx barbecue grills.

All of the Lynx barbecue grills are made from grade 304 stainless steel which has better corrossion resistant properties than other stainless steels. The main body of the grills are heli-arc welded instead of traditional rivits, bolts, nuts and screws. Giving the whole grill great stability and strength. Lynx do not make either charcoal or electric grills, they only make gas grills - either natural or propane gas.

Lynx Professional Grills have some innovattive features:

  • Red Brass Burners - red brass is stroger and more durable than normal brass and can endure extremely high temperatures.
  • Pro-Sear Infrared Burners - most infrared burners can only produce extremely high heat only suitable for searing. The Pro-Sear burners have a multi position valve that allows Lynx barbecue grills to either sear food such as steaks, or gently cook the likes of fish.

Lynx also provide a range of accessories so that you can upgrade your barbecue grill, or extend it into a fully functioning barbecue island.

  • Side burners - these can be either single or double, can include a preperation area, and can be used on buil-in and free standing grills.
  • Rotisserie system - using a dedicated ceramic infrared burner with a low voltage DC motor and a two position stainless steel spit rod. The Lynx rotisserie system is available for all grills in the Lynx range.
  • Warming drawer - has moist and crisp settings to keep food warm for hours. It includes two removable steam pans, lids, steam racs and a heating element.
  • 42" Convenience center - has the same features as the warmimg drawer but includes a utility storage drawer and an LP gas storage cabinet.
  • Cocktail station - the ultimate accessory and available for built-in and free standing grills. Includes an insulated ice bin, built-in storage shelves, chilled bottle boots, front bottle rail, a drain board and a sink with water filtration system, and a built-in bottle opener with cap catch and towel rack.

The list of barbecue accessories is ever expanding and recent additions are; utility drawers, refrigerator and an ice making machine.

If you're thinking of buying one of the Lynx barbecue grills, let me know, I'll not be jealous, honest. Or if you already own one, give me your opinion.

Formore information, take a look at Lynx barbecue grills at Amazon

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