Pellet Grills
What Are they?

Pellet grills are generally considered, by barbecue enthusiasts, as providing the most authentic smoky flavour to food.

Although relatively unknown, pellet bbq grills are what the most serious barbecue chefs aspire to. Not only because of the flavour that they give to food but also because of the tremendous versatility that they provide. Pellet barbeque grills enable you to grill, roast and smoke food.

Fuel For Pellet Grills

The fuel used in pellet type grills is in the form of wood pellets, about 1 inch long by 1/4 inch diameter and are available in wood such as cherry, apple, hickory and oak.

Because of their small size, the pellets burn down to a fine ash very quickly and cleanly. They are usually stored in a hopper and fed at a controlled rate into a burning box.

The rate of feed is variable and so a slow rate can be used for smoking food over many hours, or a faster rate can be used to create the higher temperatures required for grilling and char grilling.

Advantages Of Pellet Grills

Pellet grills can be fired-up and be ready for use within 15 minutes.

They provide almost the same convenience of a gas grill and a better smoky flavour than a charcoal grill can.

The pellets are fed automatically into the firebox.

By controlling speed that the pellets are fed into the firebox the cooking temperature can be controlled to within about 25 degrees of the ideal cooking temperature; allowing much greater control than a charcoal grill.

A pellet bbq grill can be kept going for many hours. Allowing the grill to be used as a barbecue smoker. Only a dedicated smoker can give this level of control so it's worth considering the cost of a pellet barbecue grill compared to having to buy both a gas or charcoal grill, and a dedicated smoker.

Disadvantages Of Pellet Grills

The only fuel that you can use with these grills are pellets.

The pellets are not as available as charcoal or gas, but they are readily available by mail order. A guide to the cost of pellets would be to allow $1.00 per pound of pellets, although the cost can be reduced by bulk buying from a local source.

For high temperature grilling of steaks allow about 2 pound of pellets, whilst for lower temperature smoking allow about 5 pounds of pellets.

Cost is a major factor. Of all the types of barbecue grill they tend to be the most costly of all on like-for-like basis. Starting at around $600.00 the cost of these grills can reach up to many $1000's!

Where Can You Buy A Pellet Grill?

If you think a pellet fuelled grill is for you, the number of sources available very extremely low and, more than likely you’ll need to use mail order. The best know make is Treager and they offer a range of different sizes.

Pellet grills from Traeger come in conventional shapes as well as a range of unique grills in the shape of pigs and cows! A definite conversation item.

Use Google To Search For Pellet Grill Suppliers



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