The Top Secret BBQ Sauce Recipe

I’m going to tell you what the top secret BBQ sauce recipe is and unfortunately you might not like it. But don’t worry, I’m going to share the secret but you’ll want to read the few paragraphs below first.

Where is the Secret Recipe?

If you’re looking for the top secret BBQ sauce I’m assuming that you’ve looked elsewhere before you’ve came here.  I’m also assuming that you’ve been just a little bit disappointed at what you’ve found so far and so you’ve kept on looking and looking. I’ve done exactly the same.

This is the thing though, you find the secret recipe; take look at the list of ingredients and think, what’s so special about that?

So is There a Secret barbecue Sauce Recipe?

Yes there is a secret; I’m just coming to it.

Yes, without doubt there are secret recipes and most of these a closely guarded. I mentioned above that most of the so called secret BBQ recipes, in my opinion, are very similar. That said some people do publish some excellent sauce recipes, but you have to pay for them. These are usually in the form of conventional, or e-books.

I’ve no problem people selling their recipes and after all why shouldn’t they, they have probably developed these over many years and have had considerable success using them, probably in BBQ competitions.

A Secret List of Ingredients

We’re getting close to the secret now.

When you buy the secret recipe what you’re really getting is a list of ingredients and how to put them together in a saucepan to create this great sauce. You’ll probably also be given some ideas on how to use the sauce, that is with what food.

And I’ve no doubt that you’ll be well impressed with your homemade BBQ sauce recipes, to start with.

The Secret

This is what you’ve been waiting for

A list of ingredients used to make a great barbecue sauce is not necessarily going to make great barbecue food. The real secret is how you use the sauce; what to use it with, how much to use, and when to use it

So it’s not a top secret BBQ sauce recipe you’re after, it’s the recipe itself and the secret of how you’re going to use it to make great barbecue food, real barbecue food.

At this point you’re not going to like what I’ve said, or you’re going to say Ah-Ha!

But now the problem is where can I find this secret to real BBQ food.

The Secret to Real BBQ Food

I’ve checked out many BBQ websites, books, on-line resources, etc, and there is one particular resource that I really like. One of my big beliefs in making great barbecue food is to develop a system, or process, and this ties in with making your barbecue sauce and knowing when and how much to apply.

 It’s currently at a much discounted price, but I wouldn’t wait too long to check it out. Forget searching for the top secret BBQ sauce recipe and find the real BBQ process

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