The Traeger Lil Pig - A Sculpture or a Serious Barbecue Grill?

I think that it's fair to say that there's no other grill on the market that looks anythng like the Traeger Lil Pig. But paint it black and strip away the ornate bits of metalwortk that makes it look like a pig and you have a real BBQ grill.

It's built to the same standard and operates like any other Traeger grill in that it uses wood pellets.

The Traeger Lil Pig in terms of cooking area is mid sized in the Traeger rangehaving a cooking area of 418 sq in (22" x 19").

It's sold as a grill but can perform equally well as a smoker. Using the optional digital feeder control you can achieve the low and slow temperature that's essential for smoking.

As with all Trager pellet grills, the Lil Pig is operated by mains electricity that burns wood pellets.

Technical data:

  • 418 Sq In of cooking area.
  • Solid state cooking with auger feed pellet burner and autostart ignition.
  • 20,000 BTU burner output.
  • Operates using a standard 100V outlet.
  • Multi position setting for the heat indicator.

During the initial ignition period, about 4 minutes, of the Traeger Lil Pig it uses 300 Watts, thereafter it reduces to 50 Watts; meaning it's electricity usage is relatively low and so is economical to run

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